Wooden Bed Posts and Spindles

Make Your Bedroom Look Unique and Stand Out

Modern wooden bed posts can really change the dynamics of a bedroom. We can build new ones for you that can really make your bed unique from the generic, store-bought bedroom sets.  Patrick’s Turning Point is here to help you build the custom bed of your dreams. We can build top-notch posts which are perfect for building a sleek yet durable design. You can use different posts for each of the four corners of your bed frame, or you can mix and match them.

Why You May Need New Wooden Bed Posts

Maybe you’ve recently inherited a beautiful older bed, but want to make it your own. One customer recently came to us because they inherited an older king-size bed from a family member.  The bed was in great condition but they did not like how the bed posts were so tall.  They wanted to take off the existing bed posts and replace them with something more unique. Additionally, they wanted to replace the original taller extending posts with a shorter wood turned finial at top of each post.

Sometimes a customer will purchase a new bed at a chain store and want to make the bed more unique. We love these types of projects and it gives us a chance to wow the customer with something completely unique.

It may be that the current bed post is broken and needs a simple repair or replacement. Send us a picture of your existing posts and we can replicate what you already have.

We offer Various Options for Your Wood Turned Bed Posts

There are several different types of designs to choose from as well as various types of wood.  All of our hardwood parts are unfinished and 150 grit sanded, allowing you to customize the piece with your own special stain or paint color.

With our variety of wooden bed posts and other wooden furniture parts, you're sure to find the ideal elements to create the interior design of your ideal house. Additionally, you can alter it to make a design that is truly specific to your room.  If you would like to learn more about our wooden bed post options or spindles for your bed posts, contact us today for a quote

If you are looking to spice up your bedroom and make your bed stand out, consider adding some new posts to your bed.

Contact us today! We would love the opportunity to provide you with a quote.

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