Modern Newel Posts

What you need to know

Modern newels posts are an important part of a home.  A newel post can make or break the look of your staircase in these modern times. Sure, we do love vintage and the quaint charm of olden times, but sometimes a vintage or victorian theme is not something we want for our own home. Nowadays, minimalism is in.  People go for the modern and contemporary, clean-looking interiors.  Sometimes simpler is better.

What is a newel post?

A newel post is the upright post rising from the landing or the top of the stairs. It is considered both a functional and aesthetic part of the house. A newel post is a load-bearing structure and an integral part of the stairs. It functions as a support post for the handrail and bears the brunt of its weight. Because newel posts are found at the bottom or top of the stairs, it frames the look of the whole staircase. This sets an aesthetic tone.

A staircase is an important factor in determining the look of an interior. Ideally, it should reflect the style that the homeowner is aiming for. Modern interiors call for modern-style newel posts.

What makes a modern newel post?

The modern design calls for simple aesthetics. Far from the heavy ornamentations of earlier styles - Gothic, Renaissance, Victorian, and Art Nouveau, modern design is all clean straight lines and has none of the heavy and dramatic composition of its predecessors. A modern newel post is simple and unfussy looking. Additionally, a modern newel post is best made with wood as another key element of modern design calls for the use of natural materials.

Because of the importance of newel posts as a load-bearing element, it is wise to hire a professional company such as Patrick’s Turning Point. Our wood-turning company creates modern-style newel posts and has been serving our customers for the last 60-plus years. Our workmanship is superb and has withstood the test of time. Patrick’s Turning Point can create quality newel posts that meet your aesthetic standards.

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