Decorative Wood Table Legs and Turned Furniture

Spruce Up Your Table with New Table Legs

Table legs are often overlooked when it comes to the overall appearance of a table, but they can provide an extra flair and even turn the table into a standout piece in a room. There are all sorts of different decorative wood table legs available, from simple turned designs to more elaborate designs.

Even though metals such as aluminum and iron can be used to make decorative table legs, wood retains its popularity for providing a natural look to your decor while adding warmth to the room. Plus, you can expect your furnishings to look great for years with high-quality table legs.

You can create a variety of designs, from traditional to rustic, contemporary, and minimalist. A wide range of woods can also be used to make the table legs, such as ash, walnut, oak, mahogany, hickory, and hard maple, among other hardwood species.

Stunning decorative table legs should be designed considering a variety of factors, including aesthetics, strength, and durability. The creation of such a piece should be performed by a wood turning professional with proven skills in the field.

The Benefits of Decorative Wood Table Legs

Here are several reasons you may consider new, unique legs for your table:

  • Aesthetic Appeal - Add some style to your home decor, instantly elevating your table as a focal point of the room.
  • Upgradeability - A broken or old table can be restored with proper refurbishment and by installing new table legs.
  • Versatility - Different types of wood, as well as different design types, allow for endless possibilities when it comes to designing your preferred decorative wood table legs.
  • Durability - High-quality wood and craftsmanship can last the table legs for many years, and resist various household accidents that may damage their appearance.

Your Next Project

Want to spruce up your table? Make your home improvement project even better by adding personalized decorative wood table legs from Patrick's Turning Point. Among our specialty items are table legs, pedestals, bun feet, bed posts, lamp parts, and other custom wood turned furniture parts.

Our wood turnings are custom-made to the specifications of our customers, with the goal of providing only the best quality parts at the best prices.

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